Little Royals Preschool

At the School of St. Philip's Little Royals Preschool we offer:

  • The A Joyful, Christ-centered Environment: Appropriate play experiences that contribute to physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and Christian development of the child.
  • A Meaningful Curriculum: Learning centers and motivational activities that build important foundations for reading skills and other academic pursuits.
  • A Balanced Approach: We have a strong focus on learning through play and activity, very limited use of screens, and a commitment to meeting all learners' needs.
  • A Family-School Partnership: Weekly newsletters keep families informed, and parent volunteers engage in the learning process with the children.

  • Welcome Students!

    The School of St. Philip welcomes all children ages 3-5 to be a part of our preschool program. Classes are held Monday through Friday. We have two programs from which to choose based on your child's age by September 1. Our 4-year-olds will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Our 3-year-olds will meet on Wednesday and Friday.

    Tuition Investment
    The educational fees for the 2016-2017 Preschool programs are:
    2 Half-Days a week $110/month for 9 months
    3 Half-Days a week $120/month for 9 months

    No credit is given for time absent due to illness or inclement weather.

    While there is a fundraising requirement for students in kindergarten-5th grade, there is NO FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT for our preschool children/families.

    Curriculum is designed to enhance the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical development of the child. We believe that children learn and develop through play as they interact with people and the physical environment. The emergent curriculum includes activities that help develop a child's appreciation for diversity.

    Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:00am - 11:00am Ages 4 (as of Sep. 1)
    Wednesday and Friday 8:00am - 11:00am Ages 3 (as of Sep. 1)

    Arrival and Dismissal
    For the safety of the children we require parents should walk their child to the front doors of the school. At dismissal, the teacher and class will be by the office. Parents may pick up their child there. If someone other than the parent will be picking up your child, written permission or phone notification will be required. Please be prompt for arrival and dismissal.
    Morning arrival time is between 7:45am and 8:00am.
    Morning pickup time is at 11:00am.

    When dressing your child for preschool, think comfortable and durable. We will be painting, playing outdoors, tumbling, etc. For cold weather, please send your child with a coat/snow pants, boots, hat, and mittens. Gym shoes work best for comfortable shoes. No crocs or flip flops, please. The School of St. Philip does not wear uniforms, but we have school apparel available for purchase.

    Toilet Trained
    All students registered for preschool are required to be fully toilet trained (i.e. child can communicate properly and has appropriate language skills to show they have to use the toilet.) It is expected that accidents will happen every so often, but regular consistent accidents mean the child is not toilet trained and the child's continued enrollment in preschool will be reviewed. (No pull-ups, please. Pull-ups indicate that a child is not toilet trained.)

    Field Trips
    Field trips are an important part of preschool learning. The School of St. Philip has a written parent permission form for field trips. In order for your child to participate, this form must be signed each time we go on a field trip unless it is covered by the local field trip waiver.

    Health and Emergency
    An immunization form for each child must be filled out and returned before he/she can attend a session. You will fill out an emergency card for your child that will be kept in the school office. If a child becomes ill during the day, the parent will be contacted to take the child home. If the parent cannot pick up the child or cannot be reached, the emergency person will be contacted. Please remember, the teacher cannot administer medicine to your child.

    A snack and milk will be available daily to each child. A $20 milk charge will be assessed at the beginning of the year. Students will take turns bringing a snack for the class. We encourage nutritious snacks and enjoy when parents take the time to provide fresh, clean fruit and veggies or healthy baked goods.

    Preparing Your Child for Preschool
    The following suggestions may encourage your child's pleasant anticipation or soothe his/her anxiety concerning Preschool.

    Get plenty of rest! Be sure your child approaches the first day of school well rested. Fatigue could hinder a totally positive experience. Beginning the week before school starts, put your child to bed at his/her school year bedtime and wake him/her at his/her school year wake-up time.

    Be casual. Don't paint an overly vivid picture of school. Avoid offering too much advice or too many detailed instructions; this could heighten your child's concerns and doubts.

    Explain the arrival and dismissal procedures. Tell your child that you will walk him/her into school and the teacher will help him/her get settled in the classroom and when school is over you will be meeting him/her by the office.

    Contact Principal Michelle Kramer with questions.
    School of St. Philip
    225 E 3rd St
    Litchfield, MN 5535
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